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CSUD Director:
Prof.Doina PÎSLĂ, PhD, Eng.
Telephone number: 0264 202359
E-mail: Doina.Pisla@mep.utcluj.ro

Dr. Adina Mezei
Telephone number: 0264401216
E-mail: Adina.Mezei@staff.utcluj.ro

Secretariat (sala 439):

Email: secretariatdoctorat@staff.utcluj.ro

Dorina BĂRĂIAN, Eng.
Telephone number: 0264 401293
E-mail: Dorina.Baraian@staff.utcluj.ro
Fields of study: Architecture, Materials Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering and Building Services, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology

Livia FILIP, Economist
Telephone number: 0264 401292
E-mail: Livia.Haiduc@staff.utcluj.ro
Fields of study: Computers and Information Technology, Systems Engineering, Philology, Philosophy, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering and Management, Mathematics



Doctoral studies represent the third cycle of university studies and allow the acquisition of the PhD title on the basis of the Code of university doctoral studies approved by a Romanian Government Decision. Doctoral studies programmes are organized in the Doctoral School. In the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, the doctoral study programmes are scientific PhDs, which have as purpose the production of original scientific knowledge, international relevance, based on scientific methods, and they are exclusively a full time education program. The scientific PhD is a prerequisite for a professional career in higher education and research.


The doctoral study programme is conducted within the Doctoral School under the coordination of a PhD supervisor and includes: a) a training programme based on advanced university studies, within the doctoral school; b) an individual programme of scientific research. Doctoral studies may also be organized under joint-supervision, in which case the PhD student carries out his activity under the co-ordination of a Romanian PhD supervisor and a PhD supervisor from another country; or under the co-ordination of two PhD supervisors from different institutions in Romania, based on a written agreement between the organizing institutions involved. The doctoral studies under joint-supervision can also be organized if the PhD supervisors are members of the same doctoral school but have different specialities / fields of study or if one of the PhD supervisors has reached the retirement age, according to the provisions of the University Charter. The duration of the doctoral study programme is usually 3 years. In special situations, the duration of the doctoral study programme may be extended by 1-2 years, with the approval of the University Senate, at the proposal of the PhD supervisor and within the limits of available funds. The doctoral studies can be interrupted for solid reasons under the conditions established by the Institutional Regulation for organizing and conducting doctoral studies. The duration of these studies is therefore extended by the cumulative periods of approved interruptions. The curriculum and the research programme are established by the PhD supervisor and the Doctoral School. Doctoral studies may be state-funded, financed from tuition fees or from other legally set up sources. Only graduates with a master's degree or the equivalent may take part in the admission contest for doctoral studies. During the doctoral studies, the person enrolled in the study programme has the status of PhD student. PhD students are employed as research assistants or university assistants with a fixed-period contract.
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